Quotes by CyberBhai

Whenever I tried to show off my intelligence, people thought that I have great sense of humor.

There are many things in life which are irreversible, for everything else you can take risk.

Embrace wrong Religion once, and Wrong Religion will Embarrass you for centuries

सामान्यतः लोग बुरे नहीं होते
बस, हमारी अपेक्षाओं पे पूरे नहीं होते।
Generally people are not bad
Just, our expectations are not met.

महत्त्वाकांक्षा बांस के वृक्ष के सामान होती है जिसे उगने और पनपने में समय नहीं लगता.

Ambition is like bamboo tree, that doesnt take time to germinate and flourish.

In Democracy, Two donkeys are more persuasive than one Monkey-

God favors honest man, and life favors practical one.

आरक्षण पुरुषार्थहीनता का पौषक है

Decisions taken by mind are of best quality and logical than heart. Quality of decision deteriorates when we go from mind downwards. Women take decision by heart so it is of lower quality, decisions taken by stomach (by laborers)have even lower quality.further for same reason decisions taken by men are of worst quality.


व्याख्या के दो प्रकार होतें है. एक विश्वास करने वाले के लिए दूसरा विश्लेषक के लिए. इन्ही को क्रमश आस्था एवं विज्ञान कहतें है

There are two types of explanations, One for believer, another for analyst. These are called Religion and Science, Respectively .


जब लोगों के पास तर्क के तीक्ष्ण तीर खत्म हो जातें है, तो वे आरोपों के भोंथरे पत्थर फेंकने लगते है .

When sharp arrows of logic exhaust, People start throwing blunt stones of allegations


Established rules are like protective covers.
more established rules you break, more risk you are exposed to…

If someone does stupidity, then if he appears as educated and intelligent then it is called Artificial dumbness (sense of humor) else Natural…


If someone says:- “This work can not be done”, Then most probably he means:- “Work may be doable but is beyond my scope”.

Intraday traders and lottery winners are happy when hundreds of other are crying… its cruel and unethical.